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What Is Functional Fitness – The Brief Version

October 4th, 2008
  1. A method of exercise that enables you to better handle your day-to-day movements – this is why I say it’s different for everyone, although some similarities apply.
  2. A reflection of your body’s innate movement requirements, enabling optimal performance, ideal body weight, and enhanced energy/wellbeing
  3. A variety-orientated approach to training, keeping you switched on body, mind and soul
  4. Naturally geared toward ideal posture, exceptional core function, and a toned, well-sculpted body
  5. Based on the body’s seven basic movement patterns: push, pull, twist, lunge, squat, bend, and gait (in no particular order)

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  3. […] Functional Exercise vs Machines. Machines might be easy to use, but they’re nowhere near as effective as functional exercise. Functional exercise involves using your body in a variety of movements – replicating how our bodies are designed to move. It works you harder, uses more muscles, forces your core to get involved, burns more fat, and it’s definitely more fun. If you’re not sure what functional exercise is, check out this article. […]