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Nutrition and Fat Loss 101, Part 4 – Weekly Eating Plan

June 24th, 2011

I’ve had loads of requests for me to share an overview of recommended nutrition, and so today I’m going to show you a sample weekly maintenance plan. If you’ve just popped in now then make sure you check out the earlier posts in this series!

Sample Weekly Plan

This is a week of GOOD eating designed for fat loss. It is an example only, and not necessarily what I would get YOU to do if you came to see me – Biosignature is all about determining individual needs and everyone is different to one extent or another. Add your thoughts/comments/questions below!

Remember –

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PS: Next up is the final addition to this series, which is where I’ll give you the rundown of all the tricks and tips myself and other coaches use to get ourselves and our clients super-lean! Otherwise known as ‘cheating your way lean’.

PPS: This series is a (very briefly) summarised version of my Woman Incredible Transformation Workshop. The next date is in August and you can read about it over here.

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2 people have commented
  1. Sonja says:

    hei Kat,
    awesome that you share your plan! I would be iinterested in the amount of food you are eating, I mean if there is kangaroo steak, how much/many grams do you eat approximately. I mean, there is still the calories to be restricted to loose weight, I cannot eat 5 steaks in one sitting and expect to lose fat…
    (but I do understand that you are not keen on giving that info)