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Post Baby Shape Up Plan, Week 3!

January 25th, 2014

Can I say fuck in the first sentence of a blog? I think in this case it’s not only okay it’s practically called for. Allow me to provide you with a visual explanation – photo(2)Seriously? I think today was one of the toughest – possibly THE toughest – workouts I’ve ever done in my life. Not just because this program is so freaking hardcore, but because with each week that passes since beginning I’m finding myself digging deep for new levels of determination. As I walked hobbled dragged myself up the stairs hand over hand after today’s glutes and shoulders sess I realised I honestly could not have given 1 more rep or breath today. Have you ever spent an hour or so working on a goal and known that you only put half the effort in? I know I’ve been guilty of that many times, and often still am! But today I left a piece of me back there on the gym floor. Possibly a lung, I’m not sure. Any ounce of ‘I can’t’ or any frustration at not seeing the image I’m used to seeing (pre baby) in the mirror was gone.

All I could think was ‘I might not (yet!) be the fittest person in this room but by God did I work the hardest’.

Let me be perfectly clear and upfront –

I am on a mission here to get back in pre-baby body shape, or better.

By stating that so honestly I know I’m opening myself up to potential flak along the lines of ‘you shouldn’t push yourself so hard’, ‘be kind to yourself’, ‘you just had a baby!’ (actually he is 4 months old now so not really) or – the big one – ‘you must be a bad/selfish Mother’. (really? Is it really so awful to exercise for an hour a day and eat healthy? I wish I didn’t even need to touch on this in this post but I have seen so many of my friends attacked on Facebook just for hinting that they want to be a healthy or fit or (God forbid) lean mother.

So I’m coming out guns a blazing and I’m not going to beat around the bush. I intend to get my butt into super-tip-top gear and I intend to do so in a way that suits me and my lifestyle, that doesn’t require hours and hours of my time in the gym each day or endless bouts of boring cardio, and that also allows me to eat right for my sanity and for my baby and breastfeeding needs.

The truth is I LOVE pushing myself that hard, in fact I’ve never felt more exhilarated. This 50 minutes or so a day is my time and you can bet your bottom dollar I want to use it to it’s fullest. I’m not saying any other woman has to/should/wants to approach her post-baby shape up plan this way. I’m saying this is how I feel. To me, chasing my dreams and giving them my ALL is being kind to myself. It’s how I play in business, it’s how I play in life, and yep it’s how I play in the gym as well.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been doing!

3 weeks ago I started following Sally Matterson’s Extreme Shredder training program (which is on sale right now for Australia Day!)


Sally is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Competitor, and she’s also someone I’ve met several times and in fact even interviewed for this blog a couple of years ago!   So why did I choose Sally’s program? A couple of reasons –

  • She’s incredibly in shape. Like, I think she has the perfect body. I don’t mean I aspire to be Sally 🙂 (I’m not being weird at ALL Sally if you’re reading!); I mean she is not only super in shape but she’s also very balanced and symmetrical, which is rare in my opinion amongst fitness models and trainers.
  • Also – I’ve seen her train. I’ve also seen premier high-paid athletes train. Footy players. Mega sports stars. They would not touch the effort this girl puts in.
  • She’s incredibly down to earth and nice. Which doesn’t really reflect on whether or not her training and nutrition plan might be any good but hey – I’m hardly going to want to work with someone I don’t like or feel comfortable around 🙂
  • Sally is qualified at an extremely high level as a Poliquin trainer as well as award-winning athlete.
  • And of course the big reason – her program freaking works! Not only that I love doing it!

My results so far

It’s been 3 weeks and 2 days since I’ve started, and Enzo and I have been measuring my body fat weekly. I’m not going to show pics until I’ve finished the 6 weeks, but to give you an idea, so far –

  • I’ve lost nearly 3kg of fat
  • Gained nearly 1kg of lean muscle
  • Started wearing my pre-baby gym gear again ’cause it fits (and happily shipped my maternity gym wear to a place far far away!)
  • Sweat out a good 20 litres I’d say
  • Regained an incredible sense of pride in my ability to push myself to my limits! Interestingly I’ve noticed that this carries over to how I’m approaching my work at the moment as well – I’m going in for shorter periods of time but going harder
  • Done exactly zero endurance based cardio – yeah baby!

How I am eating

My eating is no way perfect. I would say I’m eating 80% ‘clean’ if I’m lucky. Sally lays out an exact eating plan (you get it free when you purchase the training program!) but I’m not following it; only the training. This is partly because I already naturally eat very well at my meals and it’s also because I’m breastfeeding so I need to make some adjustments.

Plus – full disclosure – due to my binge eating background I rarely if ever try to follow food plans. I know my body and what works, and I find that when I put the effort in HARD in the gym and eat well for the majority of my meals I can naturally enjoy a treat or indulgence when I feel I need it. I don’t try and track when I should have a treat meal. I eat chocolate when I feel like it, which is usually a small piece (or three!) every afternoon with my coffee while working, and often some after dinner as well. If we go out for dinner I order what I like. If Enzo makes pasta, I eat it. (Gluten free mind you :))

Even when not breastfeeding this is how I would eat now, unless perhaps preparing for a photo shoot. My aim for YOU with your nutrition is to show you how to learn what works for your body, so you too can get to a point where you don’t need to consult a plan in order to get in great shape, or stay there. If right now you know that you do need that structure then Sally’s nutrition plan is the stuff. If you just want some kick-ass training to get you lean and mean fast, that’s fine as well!

I’ll be updating this blog weekly with my progress and sharing some more about the sort of training I’m doing, what I’m eating and so on. My aim is not to tell any other woman post-baby or otherwise what they should do, my aim is simply to share openly what I’m doing. I’m doing this partly to inspire where it does inspire, partly to keep myself accountable, and partly to be honest about the fact that even though I have been a trainer over 15 years, run my own bikini body programs which get awesome results, and certainly know how to get myself or others in shape I still love being told what to do by someone else!

Want to try the same training I’m doing? Sally has an Australia Day sale on right now!

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  1. Sue says:

    I have gym membership. Does it have a good variety of exercises in the training programme? My main aim is strip body fat.