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What do you see when you look in the mirror?


Does the woman looking back at you fit your vision of the woman you’d like to be? We can fix that. Every driven woman has an ideal vision of herself. She knows what job she’s striving for, what she wants to achieve in her lifetime, and how she wants others to see her. When the woman in the mirror doesn’t fit that vision, it’s frustrating. You feel doubtful that you can really be the woman you dream of being. You worry that it’s all just a fantasy. It’s not. No dream of yours is out of your reach. And as with most dreams, seeing is believing. When you make a commitment to get in the best shape of your life, you start off every morning looking in the mirror and seeing her looking back at you: that incredible woman you’ve always known you were inside. When that woman isn’t inside anymore – when she’s out here in the real world walking around, making noise, and achieving her biggest ambitions – it gives you confidence to do more, to be more, and to dream even bigger than before. "Personal Training Melbourne"That’s what this program is all about. It’s not just about burning fat, sculpting a sexy body, or transforming yourself – though the program definitely covers all of those things. It’s about giving you the confidence that the woman you believe you can be is the woman you already are.

If dreaming big is the way you live and breathe, you’re already an insanely busy woman.

So I’m going to cut to the chase.

The Woman Incredible Platinum Mentoring Program is quite simply everything you need to get in the greatest shape of your life. And I do mean everything: daily workouts and recipes, 24/7 coaching and support, and up-to-the-minute education on nutrition and fat loss. This is a great program for someone who wants to get in shape. Let’s talk about why it’s the best program possible for a busy, stressed-out, high-achieving woman on the go like you.

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 11.01.51 AM

We Don’t Call It Woman Incredible for Nothing

Most of my clients are driven, successful women who know what they want and work hard to get it. That means by the time they get to me, they’ve already done a lot of research – and usually quite a bit of the heavy lifting – to get into great shape. There are a few things that get in their way – and I bet you’ve experienced some of these obstacles yourself.

  • You know too much. You’ve subscribed to lists, read thousands of articles, and browsed the web until your eyes were sore. If you were able to put all that information together into a solid, easy-to-follow plan, you would – but who has the time for that? So you just keep reading, getting overwhelmed by new numbers and insider tips, hoping some of it will sink in.
  • You need motivation. With a thousand demands on your attention every day, it’s hard to convince yourself that you have time to stick in another hour – or even twenty minutes – to work on your fitness. What you really need is a personal trainer, but while your career’s going like it is, you have more important places to put that money.
  • You don’t know what to believe. This person says that carbs make you fat. This one says you shouldn’t eat after 7:00 pm. Still another article says that twenty minutes of cardio is more effective than an hour of weight training. Everyone’s got equal credibility, and you don’t have time to research their results. You wish someone would just give it to you straight.
  • You want a road map. In your career, in your home, even in marriage (sort of), you’ve always had a plan for success. For fitness, it seems like the rules are constantly changing, so nailing down a plan is impossible. You know you could knock this health and fitness thing out of the park if someone would just tell you exactly what to do.
  • You’re certain some of it is mental. If all that stood between you and getting in the best shape of your life was knocking out a certain number of reps or miles a day, you’d have done it by now. You know some of what’s preventing you is in your head, and you need someone to remind you – on a daily basis – why striving for that strong, healthy, fat-free body matters.

Kat HeadAny of that sound familiar? I’m not surprised. I’m a mentor for women who want to achieve greatness in their lives, and often that means I have to remind them that they can’t achieve greatness by neglecting themselves. Creating an ideal physical body is a crucial part of creating your ultimate self. Think about it – when you’ve got that nasty “haven’t worked out in a few weeks and my pants aren’t fitting well” feeling, how confident do you really feel standing up in front of a boardroom full of people? That’s not just you. No one feels confident in their mental abilities when their physical body doesn’t feel good. If you want to achieve everything you have planned for your life – and I am the first to tell you that you absolutely can and will achieve anything you set your mind to – then whipping your body into shape plays a crucial role in your success. This program gets you looking stronger, sexier, and more confident than you ever have in your life. Of course, I created this program, so I would say that, wouldn’t I? You don’t have to take my word for it, though – not when so many previous clients are happy to join their voices to mine.

 What Kat’s VIPs Have to Say!


Anyone who know how to train and knows what to eat but lets their emotions interfere with their goals- then this program is for you!

I have been following Kat Loterzo for a while now on FB and I thought she was just another trainer with another meal plan/training program and I’d be wasting money buying something I’d only do for 12 weeks and then go back to “What now?” I decided to give the Best Body Now Seminar presented by Kat and Justine as I was at my wits end!


This girl gets into your head- she has methods of working out what you truly desire and what it is that is really holding you back from being your DREAM YOU. I only joined up to the VIP Program just over a week ago and I can tell that this program and Kat herself are going to help me to become who I want to be. This girl knows her shit, she is real and she is just like you and me (except smarter and more knowledgeable!) She has had the experience and knows exactly what is going on in our minds!

Kat I look forward to seeing what is going to happen this year… I am so excited but also scared of the reality that I may soon be happy! Lets re-phrase that in the Kat way- I will find my Zen this year, I will be happy and I will be content with myself finally in this year of 2013!

Taya Oakley

Kat I just did your mindset activity, and wow it’s amazing how you can change your thinking! I was feeling really low this morning not believing I’m worthy or good enough for a relationship or to achieve any of my goals.

But doing this has just helped me to love myself more and feel I can do it. I’m really noticing the shifts!

Amazed! 😉

Jackie Z, Kat Loterzo reader and online Bootcamp member

Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map – I used this to get out of ‘should’ goals and into true dream-life-mapping. A real gem!

Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map

Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp – The money mindset course that helped me increase my income by 60%!

Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

I never imagined I’d be doing a sexy photo shoot at under 11% body fat after losing 30kg.


Sarah Taylor, Kat's Client, Melbourne.

The whole program so far is amazing.  You truly have dotted all your ‘I’s and crossed your ‘T’s

Linda, VIP Client, Australia.

I pulled out my jeans that I was going to use as my benchmark jeans (thinking they wouldn’t fit, I got them when I was about 24 and have not worn them since I moved back from London 3 years ago) and they fit… So I am stoked about that.  I think I will be focusing more on strength and toning and regaining my waistline after pregnancy stole it 🙂

Thanks Kat,  you’ve set up a cool program.  I’m really enjoying it.

Anika, VIP Client, Western Australia.

Absolutely loving the information you are providing Kat, you are just what I need.

Jennifer, VIP Client, Australia.

I’m loving your weekly updates, sample meal plans and recipe ideas!  I’m cooking both recipes next weekend!

Oh… and I just had to pass on your Chicken Coconut Curry to my clients.. they’re all so excited about it!  Congratulations on putting all this work together!  I’m really excited for you!

Your hard work is definitely paying off!

Fiona Caddies, Personal Trainer, New South Wales.

Just a quick note to say I’m absolutely loving the Week 3 gym workout!

The thrusting bb and forced lateral exercises really have me pushing it, it’s great and I feel really strong, ha!

I seem to be getting a whole lot out of the circuit format, thank you.

Kathy, VIP Client, Australia.

For me, going to the gym and training every day is my top achievement.  I have learned that nothing is ever as scary as it seems, eating for fuel is sooooooooo much better than junk ever makes you feel and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything by not eating my old favourites.

I love that after only two weeks, I’m loving training (instead of dreading it), I’m making extra effort to eat for fuel, and I don’t feel like eating foods that lack nutrients even when I see others eating them!

Kat (Different Kat!), VIP Client, Australia.

Just a quick note to share my latest Woman Incredible VIP stats with you!

Katrina T

Before Starting Woman Incredible VIP Now Total Loss after 5 months following the Woman Incredible Platinum Program
Weight 105kg 87kg -18kg
Chest 114cm 102cm -12cm
Waist 114cm 96cm -18cm
Hips 119.5cm 104.5cm -15cm
Right Thigh 60cm 55cm -5cm
Left Thigh 60cm 54cm -6cm
Dress Size 18 (tight but I refused to buy a size 20) 12 -4 dress sizes

So my goal is just another 3.5kg; 4cm off my hips and 6.5cm off my waist to get to my body before four pregnaincies, then I can re-set my goals for the ultimate incredible body!!

Thank you once again, I couldn’t have done it without you.

xoxoxox Katrina

Katrina Tuscano, Mother of 4 & VIP Client, Melbourne

From the Forum

lisa dianne VIP testimonial (1)

This program achieves results because it’s made for women just like you.

How do I know? I’m one of them. I know what it’s like to be busy, stressed, and overwhelmed. I know what it’s like to put insane amount of pressure on yourself to always do more, be more. I’ve had low self-esteem and been an emotional eater. I’ve done everything ‘right’ and still gotten nowhere. "personal training Melbourne"And I learned how to cut through all of those obstacles to get down to what really matters. What matters is you. When you look in the mirror and what you see doesn’t match up to your vision of what you want to be, it’s tough. It’s discouraging. And that self-doubt tends to creep into every other aspect of your life, even when you’re objectively one of the most successful people you know. So let’s banish that self-doubt. Let’s get you on the road to a physical body that matches your vision of yourself. Let’s fill you up with so much confidence that it starts to spill over into all those big dreams you’ve wanted to achieve in your lifetime. And let’s start right now.

How Woman Incredible Mentoring Works

Everyone knows that the best way to get the body of your dreams is to hire a personal trainer. They’ll assess your body type and the way you process food and the kinds of activities you enjoy most, and create a program strictly tailored to you. Then they’ll show up at your house every morning and drag you out of bed to do it. You know this, and if you could fit a personal trainer into your budget, you would’ve done it already. That’s why I created a program with all the benefits of a personal trainer – without the price tag.


Daily Workout Programs & Videos, For Home or Gym Every single morning in your inbox you’ll get a new and challenging workout program. That’s right – EVERY morning.

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 11.09.34 AM

You’ll never again struggle for ways to “mix it up” and you won’t have to go hunt down new exercises yourself. The workout videos show you how to perform each exercise for maximum effect, so you don’t risk injury or over-extension even as you go for the greatest burn of your life. You may want to try a new workout every day or you may find a program that you enjoy and stick with it. With my online archive system, you can do either: bookmark your favorites, choose a type of workout based on what you feel like doing that morning (or evening), or challenge yourself with a double-header! It’s completely up to you, but with daily workouts and a searchable video database, you’ll never again lack for options. Meal Plans and Recipes


Abs aren’t made in the weight room – they’re made in the kitchen. Women who have been diligently working out for years often ask me how they can get that muscle tone to show, and almost always the answer is simple: clean up your diet. That said, eating for fat loss doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless – aren’t we all sick of being told to eat nothing but baked chicken breast and raw broccoli? I give you meal plans with healthy, delicious recipes and lots of variety, and I’ll also explain how much to eat, how often to eat, and what kinds of treats will satisfy your cravings the next time you’re dying for a bag of chips or a handful of chocolate. Transformation Modules


  No one is expecting you to go from zero to fat loss goddess overnight. In fact, that’s one of the best ways I can think of to ensure failure. Not even the most disciplined, motivated person in the world can pull off that kind of 180-turn, and I know it better than anyone. That’s why I’ve got helpful transformation modules to help you make changes step by step – so the shifts you’re making stay put. We’re not dieting. We’re not putting you through a 30-day boot camp. We’re changing your life – permanently, and for the better. I’ve got tools to help you make those shifts in every aspect of your health: fat loss, nutrition, blocking factors, hormones, training, mindset, motivation, and tons more. The diet and exercise plans will get you where you need to go: the transformation tools will convince you it’s worth showing up every day.

  • Module 1: Where Are You Now?
  • Module 2: The Perfect Diet for YOU
  • Module 3: The Science of Great Training
  • Module 4: Insulin – the Fat Storage Hormone
  • Module 5: Everything There is to Know About Protein
  • Module 6: Toxicity, Your Health and Fat Loss
  • Module 7: Everything There is to Know About Carbs
  • Module 8: When Clean Eating Doesn’t Work
  • Module 9: The Cortisol Connection
  • Module 10: Everything There is to Know About Fats
  • Module 11: Oestrogen – the Lean Legs Hormone
  • Module 12: The Science of Emotional Eating
  • Module 13: Dynamic Digestion
  • Module 14: Red Flags for Big Problems
  • Module 15: Living the Good Life
  • Module 16: Sleep, Rest and Your Hormones
  • Module 17: Making Healthy Eating More Interesting
  • Module 18: How to Create Day-Long Energy Boosts
  • Module 19 & 20: … You will have to wait and see how we wrap up this awesome program!

Woman Incredible Platinum Mentoring is a 12 month program.  As you can see above, it’s designed to not only transform your body but also to fully educate you on every aspect of nutrition, fat loss, hormones and how to live the life you love!  By the end of the 12 months you will feel empowered and confident in your abilities to understand your body and what works for you, for life! Your transformation tools include daily bite-sized tips for nutrition and motivation:

Daily Nutrition Habit – A specific action or reminder to work on for that day. Each one ties into the transformation tool we’re working on at the time, which means that you have a unique way to build that strength every single day.


Keeping it fresh makes it hard to lose focus, which means you’ll be more likely to start using that transformation tool permanently.

Daily Motivational Tip – Self-motivation is pretty hard to sustain, and it only takes one bad morning to make you feel like none of this is worthwhile.

ringspiralbinder (2)

Our daily motivation tip never has a bad morning, which means it’s always ready with an affirmation, an inspiring success story, or even a direct order to go out – right now – and do something that blasts that bad mood away. Woman Incredible Forum Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 5.02.43 PM   Previous clients have told me this is one of the best features in the program: a forum where you can discuss your challenges and successes with other driven, goal-oriented women who expect the world of themselves. There’s nothing like the feeling of finding other women who know just what it’s like to strive for better, especially if you’re accustomed to lukewarm support from others in your life who don’t get it. Everyone in the forum not only gets it – they live it, which means they’re always ready to give you advice on what might get you through an obstacle, commiserate when it gets rough to stay on track, and offer support and motivation to power you through.

And You Get All of That For An ENTIRE Year! How Great is That!

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 4.50.32 PM

Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes at Woman Incredible VIP!

Platinum Mentoring

Remember when we told you this program comes with everything a personal trainer does? That includes individual attention to your personal habits, problems, and challenges. You’ll receive unlimited virtual support and feedback through the 24/7 forum every time you have a question, feel like you can’t keep going, or come up against a serious obstacle in your life. The beauty of the forum is that there is always someone who has gone through or is going through the same thing as you. Nothing creates powerful results more than like-minded women coming together to create change!


Platinum mentoring also comes with a couple of fantastic extras, including:

  • Success stories and case studies from former Platinum Mentoring clients
  • Additional information on Biosignature and hormones
  • Cutting edge research on nutrition and fat loss
  • Advice on the best supplements for health, energy, and fat loss
  • Access to my personal food, training, and supplement diary
  • Discounts from 10% and up on all Woman Incredible products, services, and events
  • Surprise bonuses and goodies – just to keep you on your toes!

With all of that, there’s no way you won’t be rocketing toward your most ambitious fitness goals in no time. It’s even more than your average physical trainer would be able to give you – after all, you wouldn’t be able to get a trainer to deliver a customized workout every morning without shelling out big bucks. Speaking of which – how much does all of this cost? What It Should Cost


"personal training melbourne"I have 13 years experience as a Level IV Personal Trainer; I am a Level II Poliquin Biosignature nutrition and hormone practitioner, and a Level II Poliquin Strength & Conditioning Coach. I write for Australian Oxygen, the Australian Women’s Weekly, and Fitness First magazine, amongst other Australian and international publications. In fact, I’ve been a personal trainer since I was 19, back when personal training was considered a celebrity-only indulgence, and I’ve worked with women of all body types, hormone balances, and dietary preferences. As a general rule, all of that knowledge doesn’t come cheap. Everything that’s included in this program, if you bought the service individually from me, would tally up to – hold your breath – nearly $10,000. Lucky for you, I didn’t get into this practice to make big money. I got into it because I believe in it. I got into it because paying attention to my physical fitness has turned my life around in so many ways – and I truly believe it’s the first step for any woman to achieve her biggest dreams in any arena. And I know that for a lot of women, personal training is out of the question. They just can’t afford the price tag. The Woman Incredible Platinum Mentoring Program aims to change that. I created this program so that you – and hundreds of women like you – could get access to personalized support, daily challenging workouts, and nutrition advice that turns you into a fat-burning dynamo. I know that a great deal of what’s standing in your way is how you feel about your body. I know that self-doubt creeps in when you look in the mirror and you don’t see the strong, sexy, empowered woman you know you are inside. And I want to make it a lot easier for you to get that Woman Incredible out in front. Which is why this program isn’t $10,000. It’s not even $1,000.

The Woman Incredible VIP Platinum Mentoring Program is normally just $97/month. Register now and receive over 50% discount on this!

Previous Woman Incredible Platinum VIPs have paid a monthly fee of $97 for 12 months. That’s a pretty sweet deal as it works out to less than $3.23 a day – and I know a lot of women who are willing to invest that amount daily in their latte fix. Are you willing to invest just a few dollars a day in sculpting an insanely amazing body? If your first response was, “Well, maybe . . . ” then I’m betting you have some doubts.Let me do something about that. First up – the biggie. When you register before April 2nd (when the doors close again) as a Woman Incredible VIP Platinum Mentoring client you will receive over 50% off your membership, or over 40% off if you opt for a payment plan. That works out to less than $1.59 per day to work with me for the next 12 months as a Platinum client.

A Quick Re-cap of Everything You Get As a Platinum VIP Client

  • Daily workout programs & videos for home or gym
  • Meal plans & recipes per week
  • 20 Transformation Modules, to teach you everything you need to know about staying in shape for life
  • Daily nutrition habit
  • Daily motivation & mindset tip
  • Woman Incredible VIP forum


Platinum mentoring also comes with a couple of fantastic extras, including:

  • Success stories and case studies from former Platinum Mentoring clients
  • Additional information on Biosignature and hormones
  • Cutting edge research on nutrition and fat loss
  • Advice on the best supplements for health, energy, and fat loss
  • Access to my personal food, training, and supplement diary
  • Discounts from 10% and up on all Woman Incredible products, services, and events
  • Surprise bonuses and goodies – just to keep you on your toes!
katI recommend the Platinum package for one simple reason: it’s easier to make serious changes if you do them every day. It’s easier to stay committed with daily motivation. It’s easier to overcome the tough spots when you have a forum full of women who are battling the same challenges and can give you an encouraging word and a bit of advice. You’re about to start a revolution. You want all the help you can get. Make the choice. Stop imagining that killer body. Stop looking at the pictures of women who have achieved it before you. Stop beating yourself up for not being there yet.

This program has never before been offered at this rate. And I know you’ll agree with me that even were I asking $3.23 per day for daily workout videos for home or gym, daily nutrition tips and motivational exercises, affirmations, weekly new recipes, so many bonuses, 24/7 forum support and everything else this 12-month program entails, well – It’s a great deal 🙂 But I’m not asking $3.23 per day, or $1164 per year. The doors are open only until March 26th, 2013 and then they will close again until much later this year. Become a VIP now and work with me closely for the next 12 months for just over $1.50 per day. It’s time to change that body for life, time to be the you who you know you can be. You can decide right now to be the embodiment of your dreams: strong, powerful, and unstoppable.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side.


PS: For how long now have you been telling yourself that this is your year, that now is the time you’re going to get your butt completely into gear and finally transform the way you look and feel? If you’re motivated and determined that 2013 really will be your year then you have what it takes to get started. Let me bring the rest and ensure that your dreams of feeling in complete confidence and control finally do become reality.PPS:  I have to say this really is an incredible deal, and I’m so excited to work with youYou’d have to be crazy not to test it out! Remember doors are only open to sign up for VIP Membership until Tuesday April 2nd. Don’t miss out! This program will not be open again until much later this year so NOW is the time to step up and say YES Kat! I want to work with you to change my body and my life!


I’m loving the home workouts as it gives me structure when I’ve only got a spare half hour 🙂

To be honest I’ve been doing more of the home stuff then the gym stuff!

Stacey Mroczko, VIP Client, Australia.

“I realise now that for years I wasted my time at the gym, working out for an hour at a time several times a week and yet my body shape never changed!

Since following Kat’s VIP workouts I have lost those stubborn extra kilos, gone to a size 6 clothing and dropped 2% body fat as well as become leaner, stronger and fitter.

Kat’s workouts are like having a personal trainer with you everytime you go to the gym. The videos show exactly how to perform each move and Kat gives detailed instructions to ensure you get the maximum out of each workout. The program has everything – HIIt training, strength training, circuits, core work – even a wind-down.

I used to feel too intimidated to spend much time in the weights area of my gym but now I stake out my space with confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending Kat’s program and have already done so to friends, colleagues, and other gym-goers.”

Bec Pich, VIP Client, Melbourne.

I’m enjoying the new changes to my lifestyle since joining the program.  I’m feeling stronger, I’m loving the workouts which aren’t causing me to feel fatigued as cardio used to!

Thanks 🙂

Kim Mc Pherson, VIP Client, Australia.

I have been working with Kat Eden for over 3 months I have been amazed with my results in this short period of time.
Kat’s diverse knowledge & understanding of nutrition and training is one of a kind.  From fat loss, building lean muscle, to general health and wellbeing Kat Eden is one of the best professionals in the business.

Whether your just starting out, looking to try something new or already in the industry yourself, I highly recommend Kat as a coach, trainer and mentor.

Kat is a true example of consistent hard work and results.

Thank you for all your help Kat, I would not have achieved all I have today without your help!

Kat Tassone, Personal Trainer, Melbourne.

KL: What hesitations did you have about signing up for my VIP program?
“Nervous about making the first step, and finding the motivation to do something about my weight problem.”
KL: What specific changes have you seen in yourself, your life and your health since signing up for Kat’s VIP?
“The confidence it has given me to believe in myself, that unless you feel good about yourself on the inside it correlates on the outside.”
KL: How have you benefited from Kat’s VIP and can you share your results?
“I started on my low self esteem and have built it, I also returned to finish my degree thanks to Kats motivation tips and started to build my ideal life. With out Kat and VIP I dont think I would of been able to find the strength and confidence to complete my dream life.
KL: What did you love most about being a VIP client?
“All of the motivational tips and feedback.”
KL: Would you recommend Woman Incredible VIP? And if so, Why?
“I do almost daily and definetly would continue to do so. It has improved my life and my choices and I wish that would do the same to others.
Thank you for all the confidence you have helped me gain and put my life back into perspective. You inspire many and I am one of them!!!!”
Paulette Loterzo, mother of 4 and VIP client