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Kat’s Chicken, Vegetable, And Coconut Soup – Delicious!

March 10th, 2011

If you read Monday’s post on why eating more veggies is crucial to your health and fat loss journey (and is even one of the main ‘keys’ to detoxification!), then you’ll remember I promised you my absolute favourite ‘get-all-your-veggies-in-one-yummy-hit’ recipe. Soups, casseroles and stir-frys are all really easy ways to increase your veggie intake!

Here it is – it’s so simple I’m just going to show you it as posted in my FB status!

I also forgot to mention water in the above list! And you could certainly add some other spices for variety, but why mess with a good thing?! Yummy stuff, even if my precious and somewhat precocious daughter did not agree! Oh – this tastes just as good cold, just so you know – kind of like a yummy gazpacho.

PS: She did end up stealing most of the black beans from my serve the next day!

PPS: Who is Kat Loterzo?

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