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Fitness Modeling And Female Fat Loss Expose!

August 19th, 2011
"Fitness Modeling Secrets"

International Fitness Model Belinda Benn: Before and After

If you’ve ever wondered about the secrets to fitness modeling then do I have a treat in store for you today! One of my favourite things about blogging is how many inspiring women (and men :)) I’ve been able to build a relationship with.

I love this partly because it’s nice to know I’m not the only one out there trying to pave my way as a blogger, but also because it’s opened my eyes to just how much fantastic knowledge there is out there that’s not yet in my head!

One of the ladies I’ve really clicked with (so much so that we’re running a Melbourne workshop next Feb 19) is Panama-based international fitness model Belinda Benn.

fitness modeling secrets exposed right here on woman incredible!

In this 20-ish minute audio, Belinda will tell you:

  • Her top 3 fat loss tips for women
  • Her thoughts on the saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’, as well as her top advice for women who train really hard but just can’t get the lean stomach they long for
  • Some of the things which stand out as being common to people who make that change and finally do what it takes to get the body they dream of?
  • And a whole bunch more – even down to what she ate the day before our interview!

If you’re ready to be inspired, if you’ve always been curious about how fitness models look so darn good when they’re just real people, or if you just want some fresh ideas on female fat loss and body transformation then press play now!


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And remember –

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"Kat Eden Australia's Female Fat Loss Queen"

PS: Belinda’s Get Lean Program is one of the few programs out there that I have actually gone back to for review and taken tools away for my own use rather than just looking at with a professional ‘review’ eye.

One of the things I actually find refreshing is that Belinda’s approach is slightly different to mine, but yet we’re still coming from the same overall model of transformation. I like looking at things from a different angle now and then! If simplicity and structure works for you, and you love the sounds of 3 full months worth of meal plans then I recommend you check out Belinda’s Get Lean Program and learn the exact step-by-step system Belinda uses to create the fitness model look with her clients!

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5 people have commented
  1. Helena says:

    I can barely hear her 🙁

  2. Sonja says:

    Hi Kat!
    unfortunately, Belinda is hardly to hear because it is so quit and far away. you are totally understandable, but I could not hear a word from Belinda…ist there possibility to fix that?
    thanks a lot!
    BW Sonja

  3. Nargess says:

    I can barely hear Belinda… Please please fix..
    Thank you

    • Kat says:

      Hi Nargess; I think I already commented that I’m working on having this fixed … sorry about the problem; we’re doing our best!