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Change your body (and your life) with the Kat Loterzo Look Great Naked Training Plan

Listen, I get it . . .

You’re busy. There are only so many hours in the day.

Not to mention, you’re constantly on the go—and last time you checked, you weren’t wearing a cape with a giant ‘S’ for Superwoman emblazoned across your back.

Trying to find the time to exercise can be a real challenge.

That’s why I designed this fat-burning workout program to take up the least amount of time in your day possible.

You’ll be able to maximize your training sessions and get in the best shape of your life in as little as TWO hours a week.

Sound too good to be true? Read on and I’ll tell you more.

Sculpt your thighs and whip your butt into shape fast.

This is by far the most time-effective training program I’ve ever put together.

Designed to help women like you blast fat fast and shape up as quickly as possible, it’s based on my 15 years’ experience as a skilled motivator, fat-loss expert, personal trainer, and elite National Strength and Conditioning Association (NCSA) coach.

When you invest in the Kat Loterzo Look Great Naked Training Plan, you’ll receive:

  • An entire years’ worth of specially designed training programs for busy on-the-go women, just like you.
  • Over 45 of my favourite fitness routines that you’ll be able to do at the gym, at home, or on the go.

What We’ll Cover…

LGN Training Plan

Here’s what your copy of Kat Loterzo’s Look Great Naked Training Plan will cover:

  • How to train effectively and safely—wherever you’re working out.
  • How to set appropriate training goals.
  • How to choose the right gym for you.
  • What you must have to train effectively at home.
  • How to train, including the best time of day for you to train.
  • Which foods and supplements will help you to get the most out of your workouts—before, during, and after you’ve finished.
  • How to take your workouts up a notch or down a notch as needed, plus how to handle injuries.
  • How to get through a slump, including motivation tips to keep you going.

This program is about getting results by training hard AND training smart.

You’ll learn how to train in a way that’s efficient and takes up minimal time in your day.

In the process, you’ll rapidly increase your cardiovascular fitness, energy levels, and self-confidence.

Each fat-burning workout is fun, varied, and designed to be completed in the shortest time possible—plus you’ll only have to work out two hours a week.

When you purchase Kat Loterzo’s Fat-Burning Workout Program, you’ll receive:

  • 3 video stretch sessions.
  • 8 gym workouts and 8 home workouts to help you sculpt your body and burn fat.
  • 12 months of training programs suitable for all levels.
  • BONUS workouts (keep reading for more details on those).

This workout program is designed to be simple, practical, and effective—and these workouts GUARANTEE fast results. 

You’ll feel your body changing in a matter of weeks—and you won’t need to fork out on a personal trainer.

The program is 100% self-guided, and you’ll have access to clear, easy-to-follow video demonstrations so you can see exactly how to complete each exercise.

It’ll be like I’m in the room with you, guiding you through each workout (but without the high price tag).

PLUS! Four special bonuses . . .

These four bonuses (worth over $400) are designed to be used alongside my fat-burning workouts to help you create an amazing body as quickly as possible:


reportstacked-1BONUS #121 Look Great Naked Rapid Fat Loss Sweat Sessions

Valued at $297

21 15-minute (or less) workouts designed for the gym or home that are guaranteed to get your heart pumping and the fat melting.

These workouts prove that the quality of your workouts is what counts—not the quantity.

Never again feel the need to spend hours doing boring cardio.

Instead, include a couple of these sessions in your training each week, or save them for when you’re time poor but still determined to make a difference.

You’ll find yourself coming back to this bonus again and again!

reportstacked-1BONUS #2Weekly Planner Training Guide

Valued at $27

This handy bonus includes advice on how often to train each week, and how to choose the best workouts for you in order to ensure you reach your goals.

At the end of the document is a table showing your ideal weekly plan and on the page after that you’ll find another table, which I’ve left blank. You can print this out each week and fill out your planned workouts.

Use your Weekly Planner Training Guide to ensure you stay realistic, but don’t forget to challenge yourself, too!


reportstacked-1BONUS #3Build a Strong and Sexy Core

Valued at $47

This bonus download will teach you how to create strong and sexy abs, as well as great posture (another key way to look and feel fit and confident).

Building a strong and sexy core is about much more than simply doing crunches: Learn everything you need to know about becoming strong and sexy from the inside out.


reportstacked-1BONUS #4Training Travel Tips

Valued at $47

You’ll love this print-and-go guide when you’re traveling for business or pleasure.

When you’re on the go and out of your normal routine, the last thing you want is to come home with some unwelcome extra baggage around your waistline.

Now you never again have to worry about hunting down a good gym or workout facilities that are up to scratch.

Your Training Travel Tips guide will give you options for training in your room and equipment-free when necessary, as well as some general guidelines on what sort of training to stick to while you’re away.

As well as being worth over $400, each of these awesome bonuses is instantly downloadable, so you can use them from home, in the gym, or on the go.

This is about making your workouts as effortless and easy for you as possible, while giving you the best value for money that I can.

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 3.41.13 PMI’m loving the home workouts as it gives me structure when I’ve only got a spare half hour 🙂

To be honest I’ve been doing more of the home stuff then the gym stuff!

Stacey Mroczko, Kat Loterzo Reader, Australia.

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 3.48.29 PM“I realise now that for years I wasted my time at the gym, working out for an hour at a time several times a week and yet my body shape never changed!

Since following Kat’s VIP workouts I have lost those stubborn extra kilos, gone to a size 6 clothing and dropped 2% body fat as well as become leaner, stronger and fitter.

Kat’s workouts are like having a personal trainer with you everytime you go to the gym. The videos show exactly how to perform each move and Kat gives detailed instructions to ensure you get the maximum out of each workout. The program has everything – HIIt training, strength training, circuits, core work – even a wind-down.

I used to feel too intimidated to spend much time in the weights area of my gym but now I stake out my space with confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending Kat’s program and have already done so to friends, colleagues, and other gym-goers.”

Bec Pitch, Kat Loterzo Reader, Melbourne.

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 3.53.03 PMI’m enjoying the new changes to my lifestyle since joining the program.  I’m feeling stronger, I’m loving the workouts which aren’t causing me to feel fatigued as cardio used to!

Thanks 🙂

Kim Mc Pherson, Kat Loterzo Reader, Australia.

My favourite parts are receiving and watching your workouts as that is what I love doing and is never a problem for me.  I go to the gym 4-5 days a week and have just started doing a mix up for my cardio. So your burn workouts are perfect!

I’m going to try one tonight!

Anna DeOliveira, Kat Loterzo Reader, Australia.

I LOVE the way each week builds on the week before – always challenging me – and how you make it so the training can be adapted depending on how much time I have each week/day.

The videos of how to do each exercise are incredibly valuable tool and I refer to them regularly.

What can I say – you are making this super easy for me to achieve my goals.  I so love that I have found you and Woman Incredible – 2012 is going to be my year to have all that I dream of.


Oh, did I forget to say THANK YOU!

Lisa Quine, VIP Client, Queensland.

Before doing your workout I was feeling that spacey, unfocused heady, draining feeling again.  But pushing through the workout felt much better – uplifted!

I think it’s because you’re encouraging me forward, to get better and I too want to feel better so am accumulating the right energy to push through.

I love the exercises as they don’t bore me. The types of exercise you get me to do generates the right attitude!

Trang Dinh, VIP Client, Australia.

Thanks mate!

I have dropped centimeters off everywhere, I’m so grateful to you!

Lisi Klein, VIP Client, Australia.

The exercise routines are great!  I love the variety and pushing myself with each set.  I have been doing your workout sessions and they have helped me improved my fitness & strength, and best of all they are easy to follow!

Andrea, Kat Loterzo Reader, Australia.



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Your investment

LGN Training PlanThis training program costs far less than a personal trainer. (To hire me for one session alone would cost you $280.)

In fact, despite the fact I’ve spent a lot of time and energy ensuring my fat-burning workout program will set you up with a training plan for the next 12 months (and beyond), I’m making it available to you at the lowest price I possibly can.

Why? Because I know how confident and empowered you’ll feel once you’ve achieved a body you’re proud of. That’s why I want to make it as easy as possible for you to take part.

I thought long and hard about how to set a price that reflects the amount of time I’ve put into creating this training program, while remaining affordable for you too.

That’s why I priced this at just $149.

Considering the value of the entire program and bonuses is at least three times that much, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth the investment.

My refund policy

I pour ALL of my knowledge, care and love into creating my products.

They are designed to be completely transformative and the detail I go into, as well as the effectiveness of what I teach, is powerful beyond belief.

For this reason, I am unable to offer a refund on any of my e-books or e-courses.

I know you’ll understand.

How to order

Ready to get into the best shape of your life, without sacrificing your personal or professional life?

Click on the link below and get started today!


Flash Sale Price Already Adjusted at Checkout!

As soon as you place your order below, you’ll be sent an instant PDF download link through which you’ll be able to access your e-book.

Depending on your email server, this can take up to 15 minutes to come through.

And remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.

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 Flash Sale Price Already Adjusted at Checkout!

PS: Less than 2 hours a week to look great naked, and training plans and videos to get you going for well over a year? You definitely can’t go wrong with this one 😉

Just a quick note to share my latest stats with you!

Katrina T

Before Starting Now Total Loss after 5 months following Kat’s workouts
Weight 105kg 87kg -18kg
Chest 114cm 102cm -12cm
Waist 114cm 96cm -18cm
Hips 119.5cm 104.5cm -15cm
Right Thigh 60cm 55cm -5cm
Left Thigh 60cm 54cm -6cm
Dress Size 18 (tight but I refused to buy a size 20) 12 -4 dress sizes

So my goal is just another 3.5kg; 4cm off my hips and 6.5cm off my waist to get to my body before four pregnaincies, then I can re-set my goals for the ultimate incredible body!!

Thank you once again, I couldn’t have done it without you.

xoxoxox Katrina

Katrina Tuscano, Mother of 4 & VIP Client, Melbourne

My Crazy 60-day Money Back Guarantee!

I’m so proud of and confident in what I’m offering that I am making your purchase completely risk-free! If within 60 days of purchase you have implemented it and don’t LOVE it I’ll happily refund your full purchase price, no strings, no fuss!”