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Today’s #kickbacktohot Fat Loss Mayhem Workout!

April 9th, 2015


I had one of those days today where I was in just a FOUL mood as I went to the gym. I’d left it quite late in the day to go, and felt TOTALLY unmotivated, didn’t want to go at all, but knew that if I didn’t I’d feel even worse!

As I contemplated doing my weights program all I could think was BORING. Couldn’t be stuffed! Cardio? NUP. Didn’t feel like. Beside, sick of the repetitive motion on cardio machines, and I already do a 30-minute fasted walk each morning. That’s enough!


Back in the days when I was pretty much RIPPED, and used to bounce around Melbourne city admittedly a little too arrogant, wearing my tiny red shorts and loving it, my ‘staple’ workout was a 30-minute fat burning MAYHEM workout. I say mayhem, because it was pretty much just ‘anything goes’!

The basic foundation was: move a lot of heavy shit around, fast. Just sling together a bunch of exercises for a full body no rest circuit and GO for it.

It’s actually one of THE most fun and empowering ways to train, and can be adapted to any level. Plus it is MEGA metabolically effective and you walk out feeling PUMPED.

Here’s what I ended up doing:

A: 15 x 20kg Kettlebell swings

B: 10 x high box jumps

C: 10 x hanging leg raises

D: 8 x ‘Spiderman’ push ups

E: 8 x 20kg each hand dumbell rows

F: 10 each side x plate wood chops

G: 10 x V-sit ups

I went back to back from each exercise with no rest, then had a one minute break between sets.

Outcome: 34 minute of FAT LOSS MAYHEM, mega sweat and burn, walked out feeling awesome and wondering why the frick I’d forgotten how much I love training this way; never mind how effective it is!

I guarantee you that if you love adrenalin and PUSHING you will love training this way, and it WORKS.

I’d do it 3x a week ideally, and you can use any exercises you feel comfortable with, the goal is to simply PUSH yourself and also to ‘hit’ most of your body.

#kickbacktohot #fatlossmayhem #push #BURNBABYBURN!

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play!

Kat x


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