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The Number 1 Trick To Break The Fat Loss Plateau

July 2nd, 2012
"can't lose weight"

(caring too much about the scales)

One of the most dreaded word’s in the vocab of any gym junkie or health nut has to be plateau.

After all, it’s natural to think that when you’re sweating it out and eating clean on a near-daily basis that you’re efforts will pay off. And not only in that delightful first few weeks of a new regime, where the fat can sometimes seem to almost melt away.

I don’t know about you but I like to imagine that all my efforts will be rewarded, and that the outcome of accumulative weeks of hard work will be accumulated millimeters – or more! – of fat gone for good.

So when the dreaded plateau hits and seems intent on hanging on despite your best efforts, going to the gym or choosing the best organic produce can start to get disheartening after awhile. You might start to wonder why you’re bothering at all, and before you know it you might be convincing yourself that eating a whole block of chocolate won’t make a difference after all. After all, nothing you seem to be doing is working anyway, right?

Or –

Could it be that you simply aren’t aware of the #1 way to break smash through that fat loss plateau?

how to smash that fat loss plateau!

This trick is so simple you’ll wonder how you’ve missed it. It works almost magically with everyone I’ve tried it with, and is definitely my personal ‘go-to’ when I feel like my body composition is not budging yet I know I’m giving my training and eating my all.

Are you ready?

The number 1 trick to break your fat loss plateau and finally see those measurements shift is to use shock.

Think about this –

Your body is an incredible machine and one of the things it is most talented at is adaptation. Without adaptation we would all have died out as a species every time the weather changed or food became scarce. Instead, the human metabolism (yours!) has evolved to quickly adjust to whatever you throw at it.

This is why often people even on very low calorie diets find their body adjusts and is able to hang on to fat (for survival) and it’s also why those of us diligently following ‘the rules’ inevitably end up at a point where progress has slowed or even ground to a complete halt.

3 ways to shock your body into rapid fat loss

There are 3 keys ways you can shock your body into rapid fat loss. Each of these could be discussed in detail with pointers on hormones and the science of metabolism, but it still comes back to just these key points.

1. Nutrition.

Change up what you’ve been doing. Example – if you always eat a clean and high protein/fat diet, change to a clean and high carbohydrate diet for 1-7 days. Test and measure. If this works for you, consider throwing in 1-3 high carb days each week or a full week every 4-6 weeks.

What is one way you can apply the concept of change to whatever you’ve been doing in your own nutrition? Comment below.

2. Training.

Change it up! Are you a gun in the weights room but haven’t done cardio for years due to the fear of cardio-cortisol? Hit some hard-core circuits or interval sprint sessions for a week and see what happens. Or vice versa if you’re a cardio queen who never quite gets around to lifting weights.

In some cases change it up could also mean doing either more or less training, maybe even having a week off.

What is one way you could change up your current approach to training to shock your body? Comment below!

3. Lifestyle

You guessed it already right? Yep, change it up!

If you’re a go-go person who never gives yourself a break or enough sleep, this can push your stress hormones to the limit and cause you to hold onto stubborn fat.

On the other hand, you could be someone who knows that deep down it’s time to start hitting that early alarm clock or occasionally leaving your desk during the day.

Take a look at your lifestyle right now, and even your mindset to do with your standards and expectations for yourself. Can you think of one way you could switch things around to shock your body into submission?

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If you’ve been following me on Facebook over the past week you’ll know I’m doing some high carb eating at the moment. Quite the change from someone who is usually all about the protein!

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You can listen in via phone (local Australian number) or over the web, and you can also ask me questions before online and during the event!

I’m going to talk about the 3 different approaches I use to periodise (change up) my own nutrition and that of my fat loss clients for maximum results. If you’re feeling stuck with your progress lately this teleseminar is going to be perfect for you, and I promise you’ll walk away inspired and full of practical tips to put to use starting the very next day.

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The call will be recorded if you can’t make it, but you won’t be able to engage with me and ask questions if you’re not live on the call.

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summing up on what we talked about today for smashing plateaus!

The best way to break through a fat loss plateau is to shock your body. This could be by changing your nutrition or training approach (even for a short period of time), or even by changing the way you live and fill your life. If you mix up all 3 areas when you hit a fat loss plateau you will be unstoppable.

Don’t forget to comment below with one way you can change your nutrition, training and/or lifestyle to shock your body this week.

And remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.

PS Don’t miss out on this Thursdays teleseminar, where I’ll discuss the 3 ways I change up nutrition for maximum fat loss! It’s going to be super awesome 🙂

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7 people have commented
  1. rhiana says:

    1 week of sitting around doing pretty much nothing, sleeping in and eating rice with every meal actually dropped a few kilos off me!

  2. GenniePapworth says:

    From this week I have cut sugar completely, so no fruit, dried fruit, no sweeteners in coffee etc. going well so far. I am also having a week off training. My trainer is away and I haven’t had a week off in probably close to a year so grabbing the chance and sleeping in for a few days and just going for a walk each day, be interested to see what happens.

    • Kat says:

      Hi Gennie. That sounds like a great plan. I’m curious to hear how you go. Drop back and comment if you get a chance! Kat

      • Gennie says:

        Eight days completely sugar free (I know 8 is not much) but it has made a difference already, I am 1 kilo lighter and feel so much better internally, if that makes sense and I think I look leaner. I didn’t exercise much last week, a much needed break, but I was back at the gym this morning so it will be interesting to see what adding exercise does. I am definitely going to stick with the no sugar thing and see what continues to happen.

        • Kat says:

          That definitely makes sense. We often don’t realise how our bodies have been affected until we start making changes and notice the contrast of true health!

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