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Incredible Metabolism Boost #1

January 23rd, 2009

Did you know that sprint-based cardio is absolutely the best type of cardio to burn body fat and lose weight fast?

A University of New South Wales study found that women who undertook 8 seconds of sprinting on a stationary …

How To Curb Your Cravings In 5 Easy Steps

January 22nd, 2009

donutsThere’s nothing like determination, willpower and focus to keep you on target. Couple that with a smart nutrition and exercise plan and you’ll be unstoppable. And when it comes to determination, one of the greatest benefits of persevering with regular …

How To Win At Life

January 14th, 2009


Last week a reader of this blog  made a comment that got to me. I wasn’t sure if he was criticizing me, misunderstanding me, or both. The comment was in reference to my 2009 goals, and said ‘just remember …